This lab revolves around plant-based species interactions, with a particular fondness for interactions between plants, insects and microbes. For this, we have worked extensively on the spatial and temporal dynamics of the insect and pathogen community on the oak tree Quercus robur and the below- and aboveground food web surrounding Sweden’s perennial herbs, such as the beautiful fungi on the wood anemone, the ribwort plantain and the bird's eye primrose. Outside of Sweden, a key interest is on the relationship between climate, insects, and diseases on semi-wild coffee in SW Ethiopia, and the consequences for farmers’ livelihoods and biodiversity. In the Insect Biome Atlas project, we examine the diversity, distribution and function of the insect community across Sweden and Madagascar. Overall, we are broadly interested how ecological and evolutionary interactions between plants, insects and microbes play out in a spatial setting.

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Our lab has many opportunities for learning about plants, insects, microbes, community dynamics and spatial ecology in Sweden’s forests and meadows. Or if you prefer to explore the coffee shrubs, pests and diseases, biodiversity and the livelihood of smallholder farmers in the southwestern Ethiopian highlands. Find out more...

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