Highlights from summer 2018

(top-left) MSc student Ryan McClory, Laura van Dijk and (soon) visiting PhD student Jessie Mutz study the impact of spring and autumn phenology on oak seedlings and their attackers. (top-right) Pil Rasmussen is finalizing her PhD this autumn, and only went outdoors to record the Plantago lanceolata demography at the Stockholm PlantPopNet site at the rocky beach. (bottom-left) Our project on coffee in southwestern Ethiopia is slowly becoming long-term: we distributed a fact sheet on coffee leaf rust (PDF in English, PDF in Afaan Oromo) and a t-shirt with a depiction of the coffee diseases during this year’s field survey; and we hired a new PhD student! (bottom-right) PhD student Alvaro Gaytán has been busy at night catching moths for a new project on the relationship between climate, voltinism and the food web on oak

Other major & minor events:

  • Anna Barr successfully defended her master thesis on the effects of habitat and connectivity on the insect diversity of an urban oak community
  • Biruk Nurihun will start as a PhD student in our new project ‘The relationship between climate, disease and coffee yield: optimizing management for smallholder farmers‘, which is funded by Research Area 7 from the Bolin Centre for Climate Research
  • In late winter, MSc student Oliver Moss went to southwestern Ethiopia to measure coffee physiology, and BSc student Amelie Schober interviewed the local coffee farmers about their livelihood
  • Erasmus student Giada Centenaro visited us this summer, and has been a great help to many of us!
  • This summer, MSc student Tamiru Shimales has surveyed the insect community on coffee trees, and reared the leaf miner and its parasitoids; exciting to see what comes out!

Highlights from spring 2018

(top) This year we had our annual lab meeting in Tartu, Estonia, where we were invited for a symposium on Biotic interactions and biodiversity patterns across scales organized by Maarja Öpik. (bottom-left) The oak leaf miner Acrocercops brongniardella had a major outbreak in Stockholm area this year, and Maria Faticov wrote a Swedish and English fact sheet. (bottom-right) We started to recruit a hundred volunteers for our Wallenberg-funded project to chart the insect biodiversity in Sweden and Madagascar: click here for more info on how to subscribe as a volunteer.

Highlights from summer and autumn 2017

(Photo) Our first group selfie, taken during our annual group meeting, which was this time at Askö marine biological station.

Other major & minor events:

Highlights from spring 2017

(top) Maria Faticov and Adam Ekholm are heating the oak food web to study the impact of climate on phenology, microbes & insects. (bottom-left) Laura van Dijk’s new project on the spatial dynamics of systemic diseases in the wood anemone. (bottom-right) The impact of overwintering temperature on the spring phenology of insects on oak: waiting for thousands of leaf miners, gallers and their parasitoids to emerge.

Highlights from spring & summer 2016

(top) Meeting the Swedish King at the Royal Palace. I received a grant for höstförsöket (our new citizen science project) where we will collaborate with school children across Sweden to disentangle the relationship between climate, phenology and the oak food web. (bottom) A sprouting coffee bean in Gomma forest, where we launched our new SIDA-funded project on coffee pests and pathogens in SW Ethiopia.

Other major & minor events:

Highlights from autumn & winter 2015

Fieldwork by Pil Rasmussen – spring and summer 2015

(top) Setting up a PlantPopNet population in the beautiful surrounding of Östra Ryd (North of Stockholm). (bottom-left) Looking at the vegetation and soil community associated with Plantago lanceolata in Åland, Finland, and comparing it to a study done 6 years ago by Stafva Lindström and Anna-Liisa Laine from Helsinki University. (bottom-right) Genetic analyses of the arbuscular mycorrhizal community in collaboration with Anders Andersson, Luisa Hugerth and Björn Lindahl at SciLifeLab.

Highlights from spring 2014

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Move to Stockholm!

Our lab recently moved to Stockholm, where I (Ayco) will start as an assistant professor (‘biträdende lektor’). The position revolves around ‘Plant-based species interactions‘.

The new visiting address is:
Svante Arrheniusväg 20A
114 18 Stockholm

Postal address:
Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm

And my personal webpage at the department

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