Emilia Regazzoni

I am a master student within genetic and molecular plant sciences at Stockholm University, currently writing my thesis on the transcriptional and metabolomic changes occurring in oaks in response to infestation by fungi and/or insects.

Highlights from autumn 2020

(top-left) As we could not travel to Ethiopia, we were very lucky that Tamiru Shimales, who did his MSc project in our lab, and local farmer Raya A/oli could survey our field sites to gather the climate loggers and record … Read More

Highlights from spring 2020

(top-left) PhD student Álvaro Gaytan is coordinating a European scale sampling project to understand how the flushing of new oak leaves during the growing season affects the microbes and insects that live on oak (top-right) PhD student Laura van Dijk … Read More

Highlights from autumn 2019

(top-left) We now started to trap insects in fifty national parks across Madagascar using Malaise traps, and Ayco Tack visited Madagascar to launch the associated project on ecosystem functioning, which aims to (partly) answer the question of what all those … Read More


Biological Statistics III The course materials here are meant for the course Biological statistics III at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences, Stockholm University. But given we are living in the age of open access, sharing of knowledge … Read More

Highlights from spring 2019

(top-left) PhD student Biruk Nurihun carried out his first fieldwork on the link between climate, coffee diseases and yield, and is placing the first of hundreds of climate loggers in southwestern Ethiopia, which is the area of origin of Arabica … Read More


We have been, and are, involved in several outreach activities. The oak animation movie and booklet: English page Swedish page French page Always wanted to identify your leaf miners and gallers on oak? Here is the Swedish identification guide. We … Read More

Ekmjöldagg Microsphaera alphitoides och närstående arter

Ekmjöldagg Microsphaera alphitoides och närstående arter Familj: Erysiphaceae, (Erisiphales) Värdväxt: Främst ek (Quercus robur) Denna svamp orsakar stor skada på unga ekar i norra Europa. Svampens mycel övervintrar i knopparna för att sedan utvecklas i de nya bladen på våren. … Read More

Asterodiaspis variolosa

Asterodiaspis variolosa Familj: Gropsköldlöss, Asterolecaniidae (Homoptera) Värdträd: Ek (Quercus robur) Dessa ovala, 1,5-2 mm i diameter stora ”fjäll” på ekkvistarna är i själva verket vuxna honor av Asterolecanium variolosum, som tillhör familjen gropsköldlöss. Honorna är grön-gulaktig till färgen och omges … Read More

Macrodiplosis volvens

Macrodiplosis volvens Foto: © Hans Buhr Familj: Gallmygga, Cecidomyiidae (Diptera) Värdträd: Ek (Quercus robur) Denna gallmygga viker upp bladflikarnas kanter (och ibland även spetsen). Vikningen är smal och larven lever inuti den.

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