Xenia Gomm

I am a master’s student in the Bolin Center’s Climate Science program. Previously, I did a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with computer science as an applied subject. I wrote my master thesis related to the climatic impact on coffee plants … Read More

Francesco Zignol

I am currently a researcher at DEEP working on a collaborative project that aims to understand the relationship between climate, pathogens, and coffee yield in the Afromontane mountains in southwestern Ethiopia. My research focuses on investigating the spatiotemporal variability of … Read More

Highlights 2021

(top-left) Beyene Zewdie collected a zillion of healthy and infested coffee leaves, berries, bark and roots in the area of origin of Arabica coffee in southwestern Ethiopia for analyses of the pathobiome, (middle, top) Collections of Arabica coffee berries, (top-right) … Read More

Lisse Goris

In 2023 I started my PhD on oak fungal microbiomes and their relationship with oak macrobiomes. The goal is to integrate the oak microbiome into the oak ecosystem by elucidating relationships and patterns between and within the oak micro- and … Read More

David Åhlén

In 2019 I started my PhD studies at Stockholm University, which are co-supervised by Ayco Tack (my main supervisor is Peter Hambäck). I received a MSc in Ecology and Biodiversity at Stockholm University in 2016, where I worked on the … Read More

Emilia Regazzoni

I am a master student within genetic and molecular plant sciences at Stockholm University, currently writing my thesis on the transcriptional and metabolomic changes occurring in oaks in response to infestation by fungi and/or insects.

Highlights from autumn 2020

(top-left) As we could not travel to Ethiopia, we were very lucky that Tamiru Shimales, who did his MSc project in our lab, and local farmer Raya A/oli could survey our field sites to gather the climate loggers and record … Read More

Highlights from spring 2020

(top-left) PhD student Álvaro Gaytan is coordinating a European scale sampling project to understand how the flushing of new oak leaves during the growing season affects the microbes and insects that live on oak (top-right) PhD student Laura van Dijk … Read More

Highlights from autumn 2019

(top-left) We now started to trap insects in fifty national parks across Madagascar using Malaise traps, and Ayco Tack visited Madagascar to launch the associated project on ecosystem functioning, which aims to (partly) answer the question of what all those … Read More


Statistics for Biologists III The course materials here are meant for the course Statistics for Biologists III at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences, Stockholm University. But given we are living in the age of open access, sharing … Read More

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