Ayco Tack

I am broadly interested in the ecology and evolution of species interactions. For this, I have worked extensively on the spatial dynamics of the insect and pathogen community on the oak tree Quercus robur and the below- and aboveground food web … Read More

Highlights from summer 2018

(top-left) MSc student Ryan McClory, Laura van Dijk and (soon) visiting PhD student Jessie Mutz study the impact of spring and autumn phenology on oak seedlings and their attackers. (top-right) Pil Rasmussen is finalizing her PhD this autumn, and only … Read More

Highlights from spring 2018

(top) This year we had our annual lab meeting in Tartu, Estonia, where we were invited for a symposium on Biotic interactions and biodiversity patterns across scales organized by Maarja Öpik. (bottom-left) The oak leaf miner Acrocercops brongniardella had a … Read More

Highlights from summer and autumn 2017

(Photo) Our first group selfie, taken during our annual group meeting, which was this time at Askö marine biological station. Other major & minor events: Niklas Wickander successfully defended his master thesis on the impact of soil temperature on the … Read More

Highlights from spring 2017

(top) Maria Faticov and Adam Ekholm are heating the oak food web to study the impact of climate on phenology, microbes & insects. (bottom-left) Laura van Dijk’s new project on the spatial dynamics of systemic diseases in the wood anemone. (bottom-right) … Read More

Highlights from spring & summer 2016

(top) Meeting the Swedish King at the Royal Palace. I received a grant for höstförsöket (our new citizen science project) where we will collaborate with school children across Sweden to disentangle the relationship between climate, phenology and the oak food … Read More

Highlights from autumn & winter 2015

I was awarded the title of docent (a peculiar Nordic academic title) by Stockholm University We had our first annual group meeting, which took place at Ekenäs herrgård together with Johan Stenberg‘s research group I was awarded a Junior Researcher grant from Vetenskapsrådet to … Read More

Fieldwork by Pil Rasmussen – spring and summer 2015

(top) Setting up a PlantPopNet population in the beautiful surrounding of Östra Ryd (North of Stockholm). (bottom-left) Looking at the vegetation and soil community associated with Plantago lanceolata in Åland, Finland, and comparing it to a study done 6 years … Read More

Mesocosm experiment by Pil Rasmussen

Using swimming pools to detect the impact of dispersal limitation and plant genotype on the belowground community in a lovely experiment run by Pil Rasmussen at the James Hutton Institute:

Highlights from spring 2014

A bi-yearly update on cool stuff! Pil Rasmussen started her first PhD experiment at the James Hutton Institute (Scotland) in collaboration with Alison Bennett and Roy Neilson A grant from the Societas Entomologica Helsingforsiensis to study the role of Symbionts … Read More

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