Maansi Sharan

Master student

I am an Uppsala University graduate student majoring in ecology and conservation. I’m now researching bacterial endosymbionts connected to herbivores and parasitoids in the oak food chain for my thesis.

Robert Goodsell

Postdoctoral researcher

I am a quantitative ecologist with broad interests in population and community ecology. I am particularly interested in how population and community dynamics play out over regional scales, in response to variation in environmental, phenotypic, and anthropogenic drivers. Currently, I … Read More

Andreas Avendaño Lillkvist

Master student

For my master thesis in Ecology and Biodiversity, I investigate how local and spatial factors influence insect and pathogen communities on urban trees, and if observed effects can be generalized among tree species. Specifically, I work with four urban tree … Read More

Obsu Hirko Diriba

PhD student (co-supervisor)

I started my PhD studies in 2022 at Stockholm University, and I am co-supervised by Ayco Tack (my main supervisor is Kristoffer Hylander). In my PhD research, I am interested to understand water quality/quantity, biodiversity in watercourses and water use … Read More

Firew Bekele

PhD student (co-supervisor)

I am a PhD student supervised by Sileshi Nemomissa and Ayco Tack. I received a Master’s degree in Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management from Addis Ababa University in 2017. My areas of research interest include forest biodiversity conservation and management, … Read More

Francesco Zignol

Postdoctoral researcher

I am currently a researcher at DEEP working on a collaborative project that aims to understand the relationship between climate, pathogens, and coffee yield in the Afromontane mountains in southwestern Ethiopia. My research focuses on investigating the spatiotemporal variability of … Read More

Lisse Goris

In 2023 I started my PhD on oak fungal microbiomes and their relationship with oak macrobiomes. The goal is to integrate the oak microbiome into the oak ecosystem by elucidating relationships and patterns between and within the oak micro- and … Read More

David Åhlén

PhD student (co-supervisor)

In 2019 I started my PhD studies at Stockholm University, which are co-supervised by Ayco Tack (my main supervisor is Peter Hambäck). I received a MSc in Ecology and Biodiversity at Stockholm University in 2016, where I worked on the … Read More

Biruk Nurihun

PhD student

I am a PhD student at Stockholm University working on the project “The relationship between climate, disease and coffee yield: optimizing management for smallholder farmers.” In this project, I am mainly focusing on the relationship between climate, fungal diseases, biodiversity, … Read More

Laura van Dijk

Postdoctoral researcher

I am currently working as a postdoc for the Insect Biome Atlas project, a collaborative project between the Swedish Natural History museum, Stockholm University and SLU Uppsala, aimed at describing the insect fauna across seasons in both Sweden and Madagascar. … Read More

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