Alvaro Gaytán

PhD student

I got my PhD at the plant-microbe-insect lab working in the project “Climate, life-history and a multitrophic food web on oak” where I explored how spatial and temporal variation in climate affects a diverse community of herbivores and fungi on … Read More

Adam Ekholm

PhD student (co-supervisor)

I study how insect communities build up in space and time. In my research, I am particularly interested in the role of plant phenology (bud burst and leaf senescence) in structuring insect communities. As my study system, I use the … Read More

Maria Faticov

PhD student

I did my PhD at Ayco Tack’s group where I studied the drivers of the spatial patterns and temporal dynamics of plant-associated microbial communities. From early 2022, I am a postdoc in the labs of Isabelle Laforest-Lapointe (Sherbrooke University, Canada) … Read More

Ahmed Abdelfattah

Postdoctoral researcher

My research mainly focuses on microbial communities associated to plants. I am interested to understand their community structure, function, and interaction with their host and the environment. Previously, I studied the fungal communities of several agricultural crops, including olive, citrus, … Read More

Pil Rasmussen

Postdoctoral researcher

My work focuses on plant-associated soil communities. Specifically, I look into spatial patterns of plant-associated soil microbes; their dispersal abilities; how abiotic (e.g. climate, soil pH and nutrients) and biotic factors (e.g. plant genotype and root-associated fungi) can affect them; and what consequences … Read More

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