Maria Faticov

PhD student

I did my PhD at Ayco Tack’s group where I studied the drivers of the spatial patterns and temporal dynamics of plant-associated microbial communities. From early 2022, I am a postdoc in the labs of Isabelle Laforest-Lapointe (Sherbrooke University, Canada) and Alain Paquette (University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada). My project is part of a larger network of related projects that aim to uncover the distribution and role of urban microbiomes for human health. I am eager to understand the distribution and temporal dynamics of diverse microbial communities (i.e., fungi, bacteria and viruses) across neighborhoods with different socio-economic status in several cities of Quebec. Furthermore, from a more theoretical point of view, I explore how modern ecological theory that has been widely applied to macroorganisms can be used to predict the dynamics of microorganisms.

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